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Old Maid Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

Muddled Cucumber and Mint Cocktail inside a short glass

Old Maid Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

Have you ever had a cocktail that was made from cucumbers ? We bet most of you haven’t !  Here’s one you’re going to enjoy.

" Old Maid "

Who invented this cocktail ?

It is known that a bartender by the name ” Sam Ross ” has invented this cocktail back in 2004 at the ” Milk and Honey ” in New York City.

If you have seen our recent cocktail called ” Southside “ you will notice a big resemblance between the two, however Sam’s idea was to make the main spirit of the cocktail which in this case is the gin, replaceable without losing the essence of the original cocktail.

try this one together !


60 ml ( 2 oz ) Gin
22.5 ml ( 0.75 oz ) Simple Syrup
7-8 Cucumber slices
3-4 Mint Leaves
Half Lemon Squeezed
Large Round Ice Cube

Garnish : Cucumber Slices on a Cocktail Pick

How to do it
  1. Drop 7-8 Cucumber Slices & 3-4 Mint Leaves inside the Easy Peasy Cobbler Shaker
  2. Pour the Simple Syrup on top of them using the Wrapped Japanese Double Jigger
  3. Muddle Gently
  4. Add the Gin with some ice cubes & Squeeze half a lemon inside the shaker
  5. Shake Well 
  6. Strain into the Cone Glass after adding a large round ice cube inside it
  7. Garnish with Cucumber Slices on a Cocktail Pick & Insert your favorite matching straw

Gesondheid !

not fine strain this cocktail ?

As most of you know and as we always say, making cocktails will always have the bartender or the drinker’s personal preferences show during the making, whether that be for the type of ingredients, their measurements or even how the cocktail is done in this case !

The rule of thumb is to always fine strain ( or double strain whichever you prefer to call it ) messy cocktails, which is using a mesh strainer alongside the Hawthorne strainer or the Cobbler Shaker’s built in strainer.  The reason for that is to catch the very small bits that come from muddling herbs or fruits ) 

Resulting in a very clear texture for the drink. Now even though that is the rule of thumb, does that mean you ” MUST ” do it ? Absolutely not ! 

We thought that this cocktail looked cool with those small bits dripping down the bottom.

How about you ? Which method do you prefer for this cocktail ?

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