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Raleigh Cocktail Recipe

Orange Cocktail inside a Margarita Glass

Raleigh Cocktail Recipe

Refreshing Cocktail are just so good after a long day of work. Here’s one you should try !

" Raleigh "

What does this cocktail taste like ?

It’s Sweet & Tastes like Orange ! The Good Way…

The way you make it is by mixing White Rum, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Grenadine.

It’s a very tasty cocktail and will appeal to most people. Feel free to share it with your friends and family

Let's make this cocktail together


60 ml ( 2 oz ) White Rum
40 ml ( 1.33 oz ) Orange Juice
Half Lemon Squeezed
Dash of Grenadine

Garnish : Artificial Flower Wrapped with an Orange Peel

How to do it

  1. Add Ice cubes inside the Easy Peasy Cobbler Shaker using the Stainless Steel Ice Scoop
  2. Pour in the White Rum & Orange Juice using the Wrapped Japanese Double Jigger
  3. Using the Lemon Destroyer, Squeeze Half a Lemon Inside
  4. Add a Dash of Grenadine
  5. Shake Well !
  6. Strain the cocktail into the Classic Margarita Glass
  7. Garnish with a Flower & Orange Peel

Priekā !

Should I Pre-Chill the Glass ?

Usually when you are serving a straight up cocktail into a Coupe/Margarita Glass such as this one, you would always want to pre-chill the glass because the cocktail’s temperature is vitally important to its taste.

You can simply store the glass in your freezer or fill it with ice and let it sit for a few minutes, then remove the ice & pour the cocktail into it.

In our case we rarely pre chill the glasses when doing our videos, but that is just due to our preferences for the consistency in the glass’s looks rather then the taste.

Do you normally pre-chill your coupe/martini glasses ?
Let us know in the comments !

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