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The Barton Special Cocktail Recipe

Yellow Whisky Cocktail in a Classic Tulip Bud Glass

The Barton Special Cocktail Recipe

If you’re a fan of Whisky, although we know how a classic neat is absolute heaven for you, we still suggest that you taste the following mix

" Barton Special "

Who gave this cocktail it's name ?

You will have to go back to the early 1900s, as it is thought to be named after the advertising guru and political publicist ” Bruce Fairchild Barton “

The original recipe is made by mixing Gin, Scotch Whisky & Apple Brandy.

We wanted to try it out with Apple Schnapps instead of the Brandy and we got to say that it tastes absolutely perfect !  You should definitely try this one

the equipment we used to make it

45 ml ( 1.5 oz ) Apple Schnapps
22.5 ml ( 0.75 oz ) Gin
22.5 ml ( 0.75 oz ) Whisky

How to do it
  1. Pour the Gin, Whisky & Apple Schnapps into the Bulged Mixing Glass using the Thick Double Jigger
  2. Add ice cubes using the stainless steel ice scoop
  3. Stir the mix very well
  4. Strain into the Classic Tulip Bud using the Rigid Handle Hawthorne Strainer
Sköl !
How long should I stir a cocktail ?
First let’s explain when and why we usually stir a cocktail.

When the mix is made purely out of liquors / spirits ( does not contain eggs, cream or juices ) we will almost always stir the ingredients because it blends them together just right without overdoing it such as the case when we shake instead.

As for the duration of a stir, it will depend on your personal preference when it comes to the alcoholic strength of the cocktail.

Like your cocktails super strong ? Stir lightly
Do you like them light and very diluted ?  Stir longer

In this case the ingredients would be quite strong for our taste so we chose to stir extra long and dilute the cocktail enough for it to be bearable for us.

How long do you normally stir your cocktails ?

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