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Tropical Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

White Cocktail inside a Tropical Cocktail Glass

Tropical Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

What’s better then a refreshment after a long day’s work ? Check out the

" Tropical Cocktail "

What's this cocktail made from ?

The Tropical Cocktail is the Rum Sidecar’s twin.

Both of them use Rum, Lemon Juice & Orange Curacao / Liqueur. The Rum Sidecar uses Gold Rum, while the Tropical Cocktail uses White Rum.

It’s a very refreshing mix that you will definitely enjoy !

Here is
how it is done


45 ml ( 1.5 oz ) White Rum
15 ml ( 0.5 oz ) Orange Curacao
Half Lemon Squeezed

Garnish : Lemon Peel

How to do it 

  1. Add ice cubes to the Blossoming Cobbler using the Stainless Steel Ice Scoop
  2. Pour in the White Rum & Orange Curacao using the Jigger Cup
  3. Squeeze half a lemon inside, using the Lemon Destroyer
  4. Shake Well
  5. Fill up the Tropical Snake Tail Glass with Crushed Ice
  6. Strain the cocktail into the glass
  7. Garnish with a Lemon Peel

Mabuhay !

When should you use crushed ice 


There is certainly not a specific answer, since cocktails have a lot of personal preference that go into them. You could go with either regular ice cubes or crushed ice or any cool ice cubes from your favorite molds !

One thing to keep in mind is that crushed ice tends to melt much quicker then big ice cubes, so expect it to extra dilute your cocktail.

We would advise you try this cocktail with crushed ice & you will love it !

As far as how to make them, there’s plenty of ways ranging from electrical machines, to manual ice crusher machines all the way to cracking them with your bare hands ( maybe not that last one )

What is your favorite way to make crushed ice ?
Let us know in the comments !

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