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How to make a B-55 Shot – Recipe & Tutorial

Short Stem Dwarf Glass with B55 Shot Inside it

How to make a B-55 Shot – Recipe & Tutorial

Who doesn’t just love shots ? If you like them just as much as we do, you’re gonna have to try this one !

" B-55 " or " B-52 Gunship "

What is the
history behind this cocktail ?

Most of you must have heard of the original more popular version called ” B-52 ” which is made with Triple Sec, Irish Cream & Coffee Liqueur.

It is not known for sure but the B-52 is claimed to be invented by a bartender named Peter Fich, a head bartender from Alberta, Canada, which was said to have named it after one of his favorite bands.

There’s also another ownership claim by a bartender from New York City called Adam Honigman.

Which one is the original creator ? we do not know for sure !

But what we do know is that there is almost 10 variations to this very popular shot, one of them being the B-55 which replaces the Triple Sec with Absinthe.

That is the one we are doing today !
Small Stem Cocktail Shot Glass Empty

1/3 Coffee Liqueur
1/3 Irish Cream
1/3 Absinthe

How to do it
  1. Using the Regal Elephant Pourer, pour Coffee Liqueur into the Long Dwarf glass until you fill one third of it.
  2. Slowly layer Irish Cream on top using any bar spoon, until you fill the second third of the glass
  3. Fill up the last third of the glass by slowly layering Absinthe on top of the Irish Cream
Živjeli !
How do I layer the alcohol ?

The main idea behind layering liquids is to pour them slowly over each other without having the desired liquid dive into the other one by mistake.

Surely there is science behind layering and you will need to know which ingredient is heavier then the other, otherwise your plan won’t work out !

In this case, we used a bar spoon and by holding it right on top of the coffee liqueur, we proceeded to pour the Irish Cream on top of the spoon having it slowly drip onto the Coffee Liqueur. Same procedure for layering the Absinthe at the end. It is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it !

How do you usually prefer to layer your cocktails ? 

We would love to hear your methods and ideas in the comments !

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