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The Mint White Russian Cocktail Recipe

Irish Cream Pouring down in a sweet cocktail around a Christmas Background

The Mint White Russian Cocktail Recipe

Got a Sweet Tooth ? Love cocktails ? Then say no more, you must try the following cocktail !

" Mint White Russian "

Who invented this cocktail ?

The traditional well known cocktail named “ Black Russian “ which appeared in the mid 1900s  becomes the White Russian when you add cream to it. Now to be fair neither of these drinks are actually Russian or have anything to do with Russia but they were named like that because of the use of vodka as the primary ingredient, which we all know … Russians and Vodka !

The Prime time of popularity for the White Russian was after the film The Big Lebowski. As throughout the movie it consistently appeared as the choice of cocktail for the protagonist, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski.

The following is a version of the White Russian, simply by adding Mint Liqueur to the mix.

Here is
how we do it


15 ml ( 0.5 oz ) Vodka
15 ml ( 0.5 oz ) Coffee Liqueur
15 ml ( 0.5 oz ) Mint Liqueur
Top up Irish Cream

Garnish : Green Sprinkles

How to do it

  1. Pour the Vodka, Mint Liqueur & Coffee Liqueur into the Clear Sky Mixing Glass
  2. Add ice cubes using the stainless steel ice scoop
  3. Stir Extra Long !
  4. Fill up the Cone Glass with Crushed Ice
  5. Strain the cocktail into the glass & top up with Irish Cream
  6. Add your favorite matching straw

Egészségedre !

How did we garnish this glass ?

It is actually quite easy to do

  • Prepare two small plates that you’re going to use.
  • Inside one of them drop some green sprinkles & in the other one some honey or simple syrup or any other liquid that could easily stick onto a glass.
  • Place the Cone Glass’s Rim in the center of the second plate and rotate it so that the simple syrup/honey/other liquid sticks on to the rim.
  • Afterwards do the same process in the other plate where there’s the green sprinkles and they will easily stick on to your glass & it will look just the same as the one we did !  
What’s your favorite type of Sprinkles ?
Let us know in the comments & we might feature it in our future cocktails !

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