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How to make a City Rickey Cocktail

Large Glass Can filled with a red cocktail

How to make a City Rickey Cocktail

If you’re throwing a party, this is definitely a cocktail to consider !

" City Rickey "

What makes this cocktail so good ?

It has several things that go into it that just makes it an amazing party cocktail :

Firstly, it is really easy to do, you just pour the ingredients into the glass over some ice and lightly stir.

Second, it is a red colored cocktail which we all know is most people’s favorite !

Third, it’s not too strong & it tastes amazing !

The Recipe for this cocktail comes from the famous bartender Dale DeGroff

Here is
how we do this cocktail

45 ml ( 1.5 oz ) Gin
30 ml ( 1 oz ) Triple Sec
60 ml ( 2 oz ) Cranberry Juice
60 ml ( 2 oz ) Sparkling Water
Half Lemon Squeezed

Garnish : Dried Cranberries on a Cocktail Pick

How to do it 
  1. Fill up the Classic Glass Can with ice cubes using the Stainless Steel ice Scoop
  2. Pour in the Gin, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice & Sparkling Water, using the Thick Double Jigger
  3. Squeeze half a lemon inside, using the Lemon Destroyer
  4. Garnish with Dried Cranberries on a Cocktail Pick
  5. Insert your favorite red matching straw
Proost !
Why did we not shake this cocktail ?

For the City Rickey in particular, even though it has Cranberry and Lemon Juice within its ingredients, you should feel free to either shake the cocktail or not.

It is popular both ways and it’s also good both ways which makes it totally up to your personal preference !

Do you want to mix the ingredients together even more & dilute the cocktail ? Then Shake Ahead !

If not, then just build it inside the same glass and give it a light stir at the end.

Which way do you prefer ?
Let us know in the comments !

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