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How to make a Flamingo Cocktail

Drooling Red Cocktail inside a beautiful flamingo glass

How to make a Flamingo Cocktail

Elegance is many times described in many different ways. We like to describe it as a drooling red cocktail inside a breathtaking glass called

" Flamingo "

What makes this cocktail so amazing ?

There are lots of components that make this cocktail so great, starting by its bright red color that resembles its taste, following with the unique and elegant name.

Lastly we added the final touch of embodying this cocktail’s name into a perfectly fitting glass ” The Lovely Flamingo ” Which is what made it even more so amazing !

Let's give it a taste


60 ml ( 2 oz ) White Rum
60 ml ( 2 oz ) Pineapple Juice
15 ml ( 0.5 oz ) Grenadine
Half Lemon Squeezed

How to use it

  1. Pour the White Rum, Pineapple Juice & Grenadine into the Blossoming Cobbler using the Viny Double Jigger
  2. Squeeze half a lemon using the Lemon Destroyer
  3. Add ice cubes using the Stainless Steel Ice Scoop
  4. Shake Very Well !
  5. Strain the cocktail into the Lovely Flamingo Glass
  6. Insert your favorite straw

Prost !

How do we fill this glass’s head ?

It is actually quite simple and you will notice us doing it in the video.

You will want to start by pouring a small part of the cocktail into the glass & then slowly turn the glass upside down towards the Flamingo’s head and the cocktail will get there through the tube.

Afterwards you can strain the rest of your cocktail into the glass and enjoy it !

What do you think about the Lovely Flamingo Glass ?

Rate it down in the comments !

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