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Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

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Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

When we say parties, we immediately think cocktails & if you want one that’s super easy and pleases the majority of your friends, you should go for the

" Bay Breeze " or " Downeaster " or " Hawaiian Sea Breeze " or " Paul Joseph "

What about this cocktail ?

The Bay Breeze is one of a few cocktails belonging to the ” Breeze ” family, it includes a Cape Codder inside it and it definitely resembles the Sea Breeze.

This cocktail became popular around the 1980s and still is to this day & the reason for that is that its ingredients are straightforward, simple and very likable.

Who doesn’t like a vodka + juice cocktail ? Almost nobody !

Here's how you make this one


60 ml ( 2 oz ) Vodka
60 ml ( 2 oz ) Pineapple Juice
Top up with Cranberry Juice

How to do it

  1. Fill up the Classic Glass Can with ice cubes using the Stainless Steel Ice Scoop
  2. Pour the Vodka into the glass using the Diamond Spouted Single Jigger
  3. Do the same thing with the Pineapple Juice
  4. Top up with Cranberry Juice
  5. Insert your favorite straw

Santé !

Why not shake this cocktail ?

If you are a bartender or if you're new and have been following us for a while, then you must know by now that any cocktail that contains juice, egg whites or creams must always be shaken. 

This is still right ! But why not the Bay Breeze ?

There's no hard answer or reason, if you want to shake this cocktail, go ahead ! It's definitely a great choice, but since the ingredients don't require to be hard mixed together for a Bay Breeze to taste great, it is mostly served  stirred or even unstirred.

Which way do you prefer this cocktail ?

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