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Caipirissima Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

Cocktail with lemon slices filled inside a glass can with lemons and leaves around the background

Caipirissima Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

If you have ever tasted a Daiquiri before which is arguably a very popular cocktail, then you will kind of know exactly how this twin is going to taste.

" Caipirissima "

How is this cocktail made ?

Just like a classic daiquiri, you’re gonna need a quality White Rum with some lemons and Sugar / Simple Syrup.

Instead of shaking the ingredients and going for a fine strained clean look which is how the Daiquiri is made, we’re instead going to keep the limes/lemons as small slices and we’re going to muddle them inside the same glass we’re serving/having the cocktail alongside some white/brown sugar ( or you can go with Simple Syrup )

The freshness of this cocktail comes from the crushed ice that you will fill the glass with and then top up with White Rum & Give it a light stir.

You’re gonna love the taste of the small lime bits in your mouth and you will like it even more if you sip from the bottom of the glass using a straw since you will get a heavenly taste of rum, lemon & sugar.

We hope you enjoy it !

Let us
give it a go !
Refreshing Caipirissima Cocktail Filled inside a Jar Cocktail Glass

White Rum ( Top Up )
White Sugar ( 3 tsp )
Half a Lime cut into four
Crushed Ice

Garnish : Dried Lime Slices


How to do it
  1. Add 4 Lime Slices into the Classic Glass Can with 3 Tsp of White Sugar
  2. Muddle The Heck out of them using the Sharp Teeth Muddler
  3. Fill up the glass with Crushed Ice from the Manual Ice Crusher Machine
  4. Pour in as much White Rum as you want, using the Lion King Pourer
  5. Stir the mix using the Disk Tail Spoon
  6. Garnish with Dried Lime Slices & insert your favorite matching straw
Å’kålè ma’luna !
Muddling 101 

When you are muddling hard fruits such as Lemon or Lime Slices ( or other fruits like strawberries, blueberries and others… )

You will mostly want to crush them really hard so you will go for a stronger muddler such as the one we used in this cocktail ( The Sharp Teeth Muddler ) since it will be much more handy and easier to do it then if you’re using a flat muddler.

Pretty much you put the fruits inside the glass/mixing cup and you add your chosen sweetener ( sugar or simple syrup ) then you muddle hard but be very careful not to do this in a thin glass because it might break from the force applied.

What is your favorite type of muddler ?

Let us know in the comments ! We love hearing your thoughts

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