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Have you heard of a Slippery Nipple ? Here’s how to do it !

Two layers cocktail with Irish cream inside a shot glass around flowers

Have you heard of a Slippery Nipple ? Here’s how to do it !

The Slippery Nipple is a layered cocktail shot, composed of Irish Cream and Sambuca with an optional addition of grenadine. It’s ingredients remain in two or three distinct visible layers due to their relative densities.

The Slippery Nipple


This cocktail shot was created by a bartender named Lucas Lando Klausen in the 80s when there was very high interest in cocktails & mixes of drinks. Those were the times where such “ humorously “ named ( well that depends on a person’s perspective ! ) cocktails came to being.

Here's what we used to make it

Popular Classic Bartender Liquid measurer


75 ml ( 2.5 oz ) Sambuca
45 ml ( 1.5 oz ) Irish Cream
Drop of Grenadine

How to do it

  1. Pour 75 ml of Sambuca into the layered bomb shot.
  2. Carefully pour 45 ml of Irish Cream on top of the sambuca ( we used the disk tail spoon’s cylindrical end to do it)
  3. Add a drop of grenadine syrup 
Prost !

Other way to do it : You can also start by adding a layer of grenadine in the bottom then proceed to add the Sambuca and then the Irish cream afterwards

Layering Tips : There are a number of ways to layer the ingredients. You can either slowly pour down the ingredient down the side of the glass, at the risk of disrupting the other ingredient before it. Or you can pour the alcohol slowly down the handle of a spoon it helps it disperse without ruining your base. You can even turn the spoon upside down over the shot glass which is what we do, and slowly pour the half an ounce over the convex side, letting it drizzle in.

Let us know how you layer your cocktails ! Feel free to write us a comment below or on our social media.

Looking forward to seeing your slippery nipples ! ( that sounds wrong )

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