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How to make the Small Dinger Cocktail

Red Cocktail inside a Tall Stemmed Coupe Glass

How to make the Small Dinger Cocktail

Looking for a popping red cocktail to serve your friends when they come over ?

" Small Dinger "

What is this cocktail made of ?

There’s no secret when it comes to beautiful red cocktails. There’s almost always grenadine somewhere in the mix and it is the same here with the Small Dinger.

The recipe calls for a combination of 4 ingredients : White Rum, Gin, Grenadine & Lemon Juice.

It’s a very interesting mix that looks amazing, mostly served in a Martini or Coupe Glass.

Let's make one and try it !

20 ml ( 0.66 oz ) White Rum
20 ml ( 0.66 oz ) Gin
10 ml ( 0.33 oz ) Grenadine
Half Lemon Squeezed

How to do it
  1. Pre-chill the Ostrich Coupe Glass
  2. Pour the White Rum, Gin, Grenadine & Half Lemon Squeeze into the Easy Peasy Cobbler using the Mighty Hammer Jigger & The Lemon Destroyer
  3. Add ice using the Stainless Steel ice Scoop
  4. Shake Well !
  5. Strain the cocktail into the glass using the shaker’s built in strainer
Salut !
How do we pre-chill a glass ?

It is actually quite easy to do as there is two main methods and they both depend on whether you are doing it on the spot or is it planned ahead.

If you’re planning on making cocktails ahead of time just go ahead and place your chosen cocktail glasses in the fridge and let them sit there until you are ready.

Otherwise if you are doing it on the spot just put some ice cubes inside your glass and let them sit there for a few minutes, then dump them away.

Both ways you will end up having a nice pre-chilled glass that is going to both complement your cocktail’s temperature and feel amazing on your lips as you drink from the cold rim.

Do you know of any other way to pre-chill a glass ?

We would love to hear your ideas !

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