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Why was this cocktail named Hiroshima ?

Three colored cocktail shot that resembles the Hiroshima explosion

Why was this cocktail named Hiroshima ?

The Hiroshima Cocktail can be made as a shot or as a regular glass serving. It’s another layered cocktail that is not extremely difficult but you need to be careful as you pour the ingredients into the glass to make sure that the layers are smooth and perfect.

" Hiroshima "

Where did the name come from ?

This Nuclear like cocktail was invented in the mid 1900s by Sovit bartenders in response to the famous American cocktail called B-52 which was a very popular one at that time. The appearance of this mix resembles a nuclear mushroom which is why it was named after the great “ Hiroshima “ Catastrophy.

As with most cocktails there are several versions of this one, here’s ours !

Empty Cocktail Glass that resembles a mushroom


120 ml ( 4 oz ) Sambuca
80 ml ( 2.66 oz ) Irish Cream
80 ml ( 2.66 oz ) Absinthe
1 dash of Grenadine

How to do it

  1. Using the Nuclear Triple Jigger, pour the Sambuca into the Mushroom Glass
  2. Slowly add the Irish Cream on top using the Disk Tail spoon’s other end to layer it.
  3. Do the same thing with the Absinthe afterwards
  4. Add a dash of grenadine
  5. Watch the amazing Hiroshima effect !
Saúde !
How does the explosion effect appear ?

Since grenadine’s density is much higher than the other three ingredients in this mix, it will easily sink to the bottom and create the explosion like effect.

Watch our video if you want to see this amazing effect !

Did you manage to do it successfully ?
Let us know in the comments !

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