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Whisky Cobbler Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

Orange Whisky Cobbler Cocktail inside a Short Glass

Whisky Cobbler Cocktail Recipe & Tutorial

If you’re looking for an aperitif cocktail or just a enjoyable refreshment, try out the

" Whisky Cobbler "

History of this cocktail 

The exact origins of this mix is not well known , as some believe it ‘s original recipe comes from the ” Savoy Cocktail Book ” by the famous Harry Cradock & others believe it to be adapted from David Embury’s ” Fine Art of Mixing Drinks ” in 1948. 

Which one is it ?

Here is how
you make this cocktail


45 ml ( 1.5 oz ) Whisky
15 ml ( 0.5 oz ) Orange Curacao
22.5 ml ( 0.75 oz ) Water
Lemon & Orange Slices

Garnish : Dried Orange Wheel

How to do it

  1. Drop a few lemon & orange slices inside the Easy Peasy Cobbler Shaker
  2. Pour in the Whisky & Orange curacao using the Double Trophy Jigger
  3. Muddle Hard !
  4. Add ice cubes using the Stainless Steel Ice Scoop
  5. Pour in the Water
  6. Add a large square ice cube into the Short Lions Glass
  7. Double strain the cocktail into the glass & garnish with a dried orange wheel

Terviseks !

When should I muddle softly vs hard ?

That will depend on the ingredients that you are looking to muddle.

If it’s any sort of green leaves such as Mint & Basil or others, you will always want to gently/barely muddle at all because you only want to squeeze out their essence/oil which is very easy to extract out of green leaves.
If you muddle them too long they will release their bitterness and ruin your drink.

However in this case, since the ingredients are lemon & orange slices, you will want to muddle them very hard and extra long because it is much harder to extract their juice/oils then it is with leaves. Plus there’s no risk of ruining your drink with bitterness

Do you agree with this concept ? Let us know in the comments !

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